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    Not sure why people over complicate this phase with kiting and a tank taking one add type each, as long as you rolls some CDs for the initial pickup of adds and DO NOT stun them (I found that this was the biggest source of insta-gibbing, their attack times would sync after the stun and basically left you up a creek without a paddle) you should be fine. Once they start focusing on other players your damage taken will go down and given your vengence they should die fairly fast, and interrupt.

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    for the add phase all you need to do is have the tanks do the same thing you are doing now but instead have all dps focus on one side once those are dead kill the other side and by then you should have 1 trap left them just kite the highest health one into the trap and then kill the add while the boss is up if your dps is high enough you will only have the 1 add phase

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    Kiting is a lot easier for healing. I think it's the better strat, tbh.

    Despite that, I got overruled in my raid, so we go with the facetank strat.

    You just need to have at least one class that can do some kind of aoe stun on one side, and roll cooldowns. We burn down one side's adds first so healers can essentially ignore that person for the remainder of the phase. The other tank rolls cooldowns, gets externals, and has aoe stuns rolled on the adds.

    It's a big drain on healer mana, which is why I think kiting is better, but either way works.

    Also, definitely use three healers on that fight. Every phase sucks for mana.

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    Haven't seen it mentioned much, but if you leave one windblade alive the empress will stay away. As soon as you kill all 6 of them she comes back.

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    Try 3-man tanking it. Two tanks take three adds each and one tank takes the two big ones.
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    Hi! Please check out shiinjiwow for video I tank 1 add and raid DPS it down while ot takes 2 big adds and blood dk kites all small ones. When my small add dies I take another off the tank that's kiting. I am the fury war tanking adds in def stance. We only have 1 add phase since we hero right after adds are dead and push it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshlicks View Post
    Why are you overcomplicating the fight? 1 tank is dedicated to the big adds and the other to the little ones. Reavers' tank is no issue, since they do not hit hard, have him stay where the Empress spawns facing them away from the raid, no dps needed on them. The other one is more complicated, have him tank in the middle of the room, rotate defensive cooldowns, stuns and slows (protection warrior are by far the best), kite when needed. Group the prison close to the Reavers and gg.
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    Hai, Dk tank here.
    Only guna comment on your DK tank here, since that's all it's fair to comment on. < Your log

    Go to buffs gained, and click the hash next to ice bound fortitude, anti magic shell, dancing rune weapon, Vampiric blood, ironbark, and Will of the necropolis. And bone shield.

    See how he's overlapping them? Damage reduction's are best used individually, or 2 at a time, not 4, he'll take nearly 0 during that time, and then get forked over later with no CDs

    If you tick blood shield, you'll see his blood shield disappears right after his CDs fail, he gets smashed about

    Here's my log.

    if you tick the same things, our add phase happens about 3 minutes into the fight, obviously, you can see a more spread out CD usage, this'll help him a lot. You need to Tick Elusive, and Strength for me also.

    Also, finally, my recommendation is to tank 1 and 3, have your blood dk kill one by himself. then all your dps focus on your other side, killing 2, leaving 3 up for quick trapping, most will be fixated, and dropping trap stuff like crazy, you can get your 2 traps off nice and quick. it's less healing to do if you actually kill less, cause when you have a trap up, healing required is just 1 reaper.

    if you look at overall damage taken, your dk took 56k per second, which is quite high ( i know mine is 60, i stood in the platform 25k dps dot for about half the fight for vengeance, and cause it doesn't matter in final phase, since you're guna be hovering around 50% anyways) So overall, your DK is going a bit splat.
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    Save CDs for add phase, each tank takes one side. Dps AoEs down one side of adds, then the tank brings the reaver into a trap, which makes all of the other tank's windblades aggro the trap. Its cake from there.

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    It's all about using your raids CD stuns, damage mitigation help to the tank, speed boosts for the tank - grips, knock backs to the ads. It's like a dance while you try to maintain threat + kite + your dps avoiding and kiting while helping you knock back + until they kill at least two of them then CDs plus focused healers = dead windblades quickly. We made a video focusing on P2 because we suffered considerably on this transition as well. Hope it helps others.
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    We had our pally tank pick up all the small adds and just chain tank CD's on top of knockbacks. Once you get most of the windblades down there really isn't any healing and the healers can regen a fair amount of mana.

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    we've started 2 healing it now, but myself brewmaster picks up the windblades, and DK picks up the reavers. i just stand there pop Fortifying brew and just zerg everything down with SCK/KS/BoF, we usually end up killing everything before we make a trap so we just tank the reavers the rest of the fight.

    this may not help much lol, but it should show that there is no needs to kite adds. with 3 healers you should have no problems keeping up a tank tanking windblades even more so if its a block tank.

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    We have each tank taking one side (and the beginning of the phase is when you should pop dem CDs), and all DPS focusing on my side at first. When the Windblades on my side are dead, I go and taunt the other Reaver, while the DPS moves on to deal with the remaining Windblades (obviously leaving at least one alive untill 2 traps have been formed). Simple and effective.

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