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    Do you think dungeons should have bonus roll?

    I'm trying to gear alts like tank or caster toon, but with things like trinkets they always get ninja'd by hybrid spec or plate DPS. And at times it gets to a point where it gets pretty annoying considering you can only do it once a day and only drops from a certain boss. Do you guys think Blizzard should add a bonus roll depending on what role you are in a dungeon. I mean if you want to roll for DPS gear that bad go dps instead.


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    Yes, I bloody hate ninja's.

    A system like that should have shipped with launch, and especially once LFG happend. This roll also makes so you cant get DE mats easly inn 5 mans (Since people proboaly rather need on the loot, than hope to get a shard, if they knew all 5 people passed for DE roll etc), fuss helping on AH prices, so MR. Johnny who just gotten 2 shards dont undercut by 50%, and then the next 2 guy's comes and follow him.

    Edit: This will also encourage more people to stay a full run, if they know chances for getting there drop are good. And it will make that "leet" guy who just wants 1-2 drops off all 5 mans, but having bad luck, to re-join and try again. You cant denay that, anyone whoes been inn the situatiation where you lack maybe 1 trinket, but cba running cause it might get ninja.
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    I'm on the fence about it. Dungeons are the right place to go if you need to gear up an off spec, but I understand the frustration of not being able to gear up a main spec.

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    I was a bit confused at first, thinking that using bonus rolls on 5mans would be a huge waste, but obviously you're talking about a system similiar to what was introduced with DS LFR. Yes, I think that would be a perfect solution to prevent ninja'ing.

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    I rather see trinkets spread across more bosses than solely having an extra roll system to depend on. Trinkets could be spread out across end bosses in 5 mans. An extra roll doesn't really solve the issue if you lose your extra roll also and you get locked to that instance. Sure you could random and get it again. Who knows how long that would take to get it again to have the same problem.

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