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    How to properly take advantage of DS?

    Hey, just wondering how you guys update your dots after casting DS--should I soul burn soul swap to refresh all dots, then soul burn soul swap right before DS is about to end? Should I only soul burn soul swap at beginning of DS? Should I manually recast dots at beginning and use soul burn soul swap right before DS is going to end? Should I cast felflame to update corruption and UA, not updating agony, then cast soul burn soul swap at the end of DS?

    There's quite a few possibilities it seems...anyone know what is optimal?


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    I personally recast the DoTs if there are buffed DoTs up, if I get better procs than the ones that the current dots have I recast with SB:SS. There is an add-on - DrainSouler that shows you the DS ticks, so that you interrupt your DS cast after a tick, else you will lose both a DS tick and DoTs tick, same goes for Haunt - cast it after DS has ticked (when target below 20 you should have Haunt up all the time).

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    I only use DS:SB if i have 3 or more soul shards, otherwise i manually apply them (this is for the mid of the fight of course not the pull) and then apply them again when DS is about to end especially if something else procs

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    Because the majority of your dot damage dealt is actually done through Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul's forced ticks, you should use DS's uptime to squeeze in as many of those fillers as possible until you reach the Pandemic mark - in which case you should definitely refresh current dots with SB:SS. That also holds true for the final seconds of DS's duration and any time you get an Int proc.

    Basically, don't worry about refreshing dots alongside DS until you hit the 50% mark on their duration, or DS's duration is about to expire.

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    ds during opener?It should be something like DS->SB:SS->haunt->MG->when you get int procs 1 fel flame and manual refresh agony->mg/haunt etc->when procs are about 1 sec before expiration SB:SS.While on DS you want to cast as many MG as possible with haunt always up but never forget to quickly refresh dots when 2 or more intelect procs are up at start and again when they are about to fade.I think SB:SS is best to use right before the procs are about to end or maybe even at the start if you have 3+ SoulShards on you.

    P.S. Evrelia fron Nihilum has a video explaining about affliction,it explains some things so you might find the info you want link here
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