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    A real black wow player. - Question about the thread that just got closed.

    Ok, so I'm not looking to find out why, I'm curious if there's a new 0day exploit or something with gmail.

    When I tried to view the image URL it's showing me the URL as:


    Is there uh... a reason why it's trying to pull up something from gmail?

    If you goto the thread and view the image url that should be exactly what you see.

    I don't know if the guy had a picture in his email and just right-click and copied it or if it's a new explit?

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    Please PM a moderator privately - it really isn't necessary to post this here .

    But I can answer your question: he linked the image from his email instead of uploading it first to a site like Imgur. Probably took a picture off his phone and emailed it to himself

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