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    Quote Originally Posted by AstroleonShadowflower View Post
    OP here.

    The MOD has a point, but you also touched on something else...
    I guess, games that are so bad they are just a joy to play through badness, like certain films (coming to mind; Troll 2).

    I think what the mod meant was blankly saying, like a poster did "LOL SKYRIM WAS FUNNY COZ IT WAS SO BAD" when it was one of the most well received games of recent history, etc.

    For example;

    Undeniably a terrible game, but hilarious all the same.
    (but I wasn't really talking about games like that anyway. :P)
    Yeah, obviously there's a lot of games that some just hate for no reason and feel the urge to bash.

    Basically anything by EA, Blizzard or Microsoft has a lot of unwarranted (as determined by professional reviewers...) hate just because of the publisher's logo on the side of the box.

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    DayZ - Magicka - Portal 1 & 2

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    Haven't really played very funny games, but I'd have to say Mass Effect series has some pretty hilarious moments. Resident Evil 4 had a good wise crack here and there too.

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    WoW, no competition even. Some people on there are just too random.
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    Giants: Citizen Kabuto is perhaps the funniest game I've ever played. Honorable mentions to Ratchet & Clank and The Curse of Monkey Island.

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    Dragon Age Origins probably. Alistair was pretty funny some times.

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    Phoenix Wright gave me some good laughs, especially the Act with the gay chef. MY EYES.

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    Shadow Hearts 1, 2 and 3. First one had the ever fun boss fight in the women's bathroom. Joachim in the second one was probably the most consistently amusing, frozen tuna was my favorite. Frank in the 3rd one, attaching a sword hilt to a sword hilt then using it...pure win. Oh yeah DAO is always funny when talking to people while you're covered in blood not to mention "Enchanting? Enchanting!".

    Quest names in WoW also do it, sometimes the actual content is very amusing as well. Hitchhiker's Guide reference in twilight highlands is one of my favorites so far. I know there are a lot more that I've missed in WoW simply because I don't even get all of the references.
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    The warning was to not say it's funny because it was bad.
    Everyone has their own opinion but blatantly bashing isn't being constructive.
    Give reason to why it's funny, not why it's bad.
    Now back to the topic.

    As for me, it'd be Portal 1 / 2 and Borderlands 2.
    GLADoS is just awesome and Handsome Jack is a complete random nutjob.

    Edit - Now that I think about it, both of em are weird murderous nutjobs with random lines.
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    A Bards Tale made me laugh hysterically. It was so long ago I can't even remember why. The whole game in itself was an adventure/fantasy comedy. Was for the regular Xbox, I believe.

    A lot of moments in FF9 made me laugh, which is probably why it's my favorite final fantasy next to 10.

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    Earthbound and Mother 3 were both pretty funny. Lots of very good moments ... a shame those games are too short.

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    portals ending song, berret and cid cussing in FF7

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    Skate 3. This collection of clips is just... magical... I could not stop laughing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Azidonis View Post
    Anyway, their egos, or "epeens" (electronic penises) aside, here are a few links that may help:

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    Every Mario RPG game except for perhaps Paper Mario.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rukari View Post
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    I know it's blasphemy, but I've never played Portal and Portal 2, which is where a ton of popular quotes and stuff come from. Nor have I played Borderlands, but I've watched a bit, and I can see that game being hilarious.

    But, personally, Grandia 2. Ryudo mostly, but there's a ton of one-liners that are just awesome.

    (reading a book): "Does not Ryudo tire of this? Does not he want to put his fist through this book? May his suffering end quickly"

    Millenia: "It's's the opposite of chaotic?"

    Elena: You cold, unfeeling brute!
    Ryudo: (no emotion) Geohound. Cold, unfeeling Geohound.

    Elena: "Are you making fun of me?!"
    Ryudo: "No, I've been making fun of you for the past half-hour. Aren't we a little slow to notice?"

    A lot of the others requires some kind of context, but it's one game that kind of rewards you for talking to random townsfolk.

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    Dragon age : origins and dragone age 2 had some good lines that could give a good laugh.
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    redneck rampage... because of the one liners

    day of the tentacle... yes! deep in your hearth you now feel a warm glowth

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    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament View Post
    Threads of Fate

    *stomp* [expletive]
    *internet bro fist* and you beat me to it.

    Portal games
    Some MGS dialogue is pretty funny to me

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    Team Fortress 2 cracks me up sometimes. The lines the different classes will say to each other for domination kills or other such things can be really funny. The comics on the website are also pretty great.

    Orks in Warhammer: 40k make me laugh. "Dey sent a whole tank after me!"

    Oh, Orks. I can hardly keep a straight face playing them.

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    For the story i'd say Hyperdimension Neptunia and Mugen Souls gave me a good laugh. Some games also give me a good laugh when it comes to gameplay, beating a data replay in KH2 Final Mix on lvl 1 critical mode is a great way to laugh for me since the fight's are hard as hell if you don't abuse loops and despite dying atleast 100 times on 1 boss i can still laugh when i take him/her down
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