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    But, personally, Grandia 2. Ryudo mostly, but there's a ton of one-liners that are just awesome.
    Ha! Grandia 2 is easily one of my favorite JRPGs just because of what a heroic sociopath Millenia is
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    *internet bro fist* and you beat me to it.
    Fuck yeah! /brofist

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    Monkey Island serie

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    I've never really played a game that made me laugh that I can think of, off the top of my head.

    Natural Selection 2, I purchased the game because a bunch of my friends did. I didn't enjoy playing it really, But once my friends and I jumped on Skype and played as aliens I'd get a kill and just wet myself laughing uncontrollably. I don't even know why, Just the fact that I was chomping on people made my lol.

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    Also, the Disgaea series (and most other Nippon-Ichi games).

    They can be pretty funny, dood.

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    Postal 2, catsilencer....i rofled my face of, showed this my parents and both nearly died cause they coulndt breath anymore
    Im sorry for my bad english :P

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    this year i'd say borderlands 2. the game writing is made by maniacs! but of all time? soul calibur 2. me and some lads laugh so hard to the point we cryed wile i was playing with Voldo. I discovered this vid recently and oh boy it toke me back!

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    WoW is pretty funny sometimes. TF2 has some great lines too: "I bought ya two tickets to da gun show, but I aint takin ya. I'm goin wit yer tickets haha!"

    Nothing makes me laugh like tabletop DnD with friends though. A recent excerpt while playing a bird-man (tengu) samurai:
    "You were sent on a mission to deliver a message, but were waylaid by bandits and poisoned. You wake up in a cage, your swords are gone, your message is gone, there is a cat-man in the cage next to you."
    "So... take away a samurai's swords is like taking away his soul, failure to complete your task means death, and I'm a bird and there's a cat in the next cage... what else can I do? Panic!"
    So much for a samurai's composure.
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    Fable made me laugh can't remember full title its not that lionhead version but a older Point and click thing. Some decent humor in it. Also borderlands 2, playing mechromancer and then hearing "get up noob" when you ress a friend hilarious
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    Quote Originally Posted by AstroleonShadowflower View Post
    I remember this! <3

    This is a shot in the dark but did you ever play Grandia one?
    And "that" moment where you board the pirate ship when you first meet Feena (very early in the game), and Justin, Sue and Feena fall down this dark hole, and when they land Justin says "it's so warm.. and soft..." (feeling her breast accidently, assumedly), and she goes "JUSTIN!" and slaps him. xD
    No, sadly. I started playing it, but barely got into it. Not really sure why.
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    Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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    and I'm going to throw my shit at you
    a huge supply of tish
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    How about some scat you little twat?
    Yes, throw another vote for Conker's Bad Fur Day. Can't help but be surprised that that game made it through Nintendo.

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    Saint's Row: The Third
    Deadly Premonition

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    The Monkey Island games, also Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis (I sell these fine leather jackets!) <- translation, played it in german.

    more recent the deponia series, great adventures with a comic humor similar to monkey island but a bit mor adult. But they're originally in german so it's probable that many jokes get lost in translation.

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    Portal 1 and 2.

    Edit: Also Magicka and Trine 2 in multiplayer.
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    Not very many games stick out for me when it comes to amusing dialogue or events though the main ones are the Portal Series(GLaDOS and Space Core in particular) and Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins, busted out laughing when I visited Lake Calenhad for the first time and she saw the mage tower.

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    Deathspank best game ever played ! All 3 Pieces. its fuckin hilarious

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    Funniest games I ever played:

    #1. Transformice - In this flash based browser game about mice and the obstacles they overcome for cheese, there is a unique combination of teamwork and trolling that surpasses anything I have ever seen. Mice and Shamans can either work together as a team to reach the cheese, or they can interfere with everyone by trolling. Trolling was an intended part of the game and as long as you can keep from taking it too seriously you will have the most laughs ever in a video game. Transformice is like the troll olympics, where trolling becomes an art form that when mastered by a good Shaman is truly a spectacle to behold.

    #2. Booty Call - Another flash based browser game which was like Leisure Suit Larry but with more swag. It's a choose-your-own kind of adventure where the goal is to get laid, but only if you make all the right choices along the way. When you make a wrong move funny things happen, you don't get laid, and you gotta try again.

    #3 Toejam and Earl - A classic that was mentioned earlier. It was a fun game that matched my maturity level at the time.

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    Bulletstorm. So much humor in that game.

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    The Ratchet & Clank series on the PS2.

    So much goodness in these excellent games.

    Fans of the series should be well aware of Janice and Englebert, for instance. Or R.Y.N.O.
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    Mdk 2. Few examples:

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    This one I have always laughed at, can never get over it.

    Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

    Almost any game with Rag-doll physics with high-velocity objects. (More commonly seen in Halo.) You can't deny that getting a triple kill with a flying cone is hilarious.

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    Toonstruck! one of the most hilarious games i ever played.

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