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    Elegion(476) or Ook's Slicer?

    I'm a human paladin and i've been using Ook's hozen slicer(463) for quite some time.Today lady luck smiled to me and i got the 1h axe from Elegon(LFR).
    But but..A minute later i've started having second thoughts about it.I myself believe the sword is slightly better,but I'd love your opinion,aswell.
    Thanks in advance o/

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    Depends where you need the stat weights and what your priorities are in terms of outputting a bit more damage or having a bit more survivability. If it's the latter, definitely take the slicer with your racial; in terms of number crunching, the axe would pull higher DPS (assuming you're already near if not on the expertise hardcap).

    Personally I'd take the axe and reforge the hit into mastery, but that's just me.

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    Was in the same situation as you (Human using Ook's, spending coins in LFR and raid to get an Elegion). As the above post mentioned, it is really all about your current stat situation. The 1% exp allows you to put those stats into haste or mastery instead, which would provide a dps and/or survival increase. Most likely, the increase in dmg would be greater than using the axe and having to pull haste (or mastery as the case may be) back into expertise/hit. I say this because of how crazily our dmg scales with vengeance, rather than with weapon damage at this point.

    It also depends on what else you have access to. HoF LFR, can get the 486 sword off of Un'Sok which trumps both of those weapons handily, AND has a socket. Normal Elegon, I'd say a 489 wins over both your current choices (but loses to normal/LFR Un'Sok sword).

    OT; I ended up going ret for our raid Elegon kill due to serious graphic issues preventing me from staying online, and ended up using a coin anyway and got a 489 Starshatter for OS Then we did LFR after raid and I got the Scimitar of Stars or w/e from a coin roll as well...should've gone to buy a lottery ticket.

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    Use the axe. Hit and expertise are better than mastery for prot.

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