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    How mistweavers work ??

    Hey, i just can't understand one thing about mistweavers, why are they so different from all other healing classes ??

    Every other healer just stand 40 yards away from the raid group and heals, while mistweaver from my understanding they must go to melee range and dps in order to do proper healing. I know that all other healers also do some dps but they only have 2-3 spells and they only use them when they don't heal and it's just in the case that instead of just standing there doing nothing they can dps a bit. Well can someone explain to me how mistweavers work ?? I am only talking about a classic 5man dungeon situation not some kind 10/25man raid. Also is there a way for a mistweaver's healing to be effective without going to melee range and dpsing ??

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    I heal Heroics by standing back and traditionally casting. More reliable single-target throughput with patchy needs for AoE healing.

    For raiding, where you're mostly AoE healing a lot of people, going into melee works better.
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    Mistweavers use Chi (similar to combo points) to cast. You can gain Chi by casting traditional heals in the back or by punching things in the face. Either way you are trading mana for damage or healing.

    To make monks work while beating things in the face we get a passive buff which causes a portion of our damage done to smart heal friendly players nearby.

    Standing in the back and standing on an enemies back both have their place with a Mistweaver. Different tools for different jobs.

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    Mistweavers have the luxury of being able to fistweave and or traditionally heal from a far in 5 man heroics. Id recommend using the traditional healing method as it is less mana intensive on lower geared healers or those just uncomfortable with mana tea management.

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    They're different because Blizzard designed them that way. They wanted monk healers to still feel like a monk, hence being able to heal while fighting in melee.

    As for heroic 5 mans, though, it's entirely possible to heal through just your ranged heals. For most trash with a decent tank, Renewing Mist, Uplift and Expel Harm are usually enough to keep everyone full, and on a lot of trash I don't even bother putting down my statue (since I rarely receive a benefit from it and it costs a nice chunk of mana). On the more damaging mobs I'll sometimes need to throw an Enveloping Mist on the tank, maybe start channeling Soothing Mist on them. The only time I fistweave in a heroic 5-man dungeon is when the damage is really heavy.

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    In answer to "why are they different???" the answer is easy. Blizzard wants classes to be different, not the exact same. If you can't deal with it, don't play your monk as a healer. Personally I think it's a pretty cool concept that, while I've played similar types of healing in other games, Blizzard hasn't implemented before, and I think they've done it well. It's a fun playstyle. More fun than Whack A Mole Riptide anyway.

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