As the title says, I'm looking for a wireless headset that will be compatible on my PC and PS3. I've been using the G35 for about 3 years now and while I love it, it does begin to get uncomfortable after about an hour or so (my ears start to feel pretty tender and if it's a long night, there's some noticeable swelling in my ears from the pressure - I have a big head, so it comes with the territory when trying to find a headset that works for me).

I know there's pros and cons to wired and wireless, but I do need something that is wireless. I'm in college and as such I keep weird hours, the walls are paper thin, and between WoW, the ps3, and movies/music I tend to have something going on all the time and I want to keep the disturbance to my neighbors to a minimum.

I'd like a headset that is compatible with the PC and PS3 so I can have a one size fits all headset. While the G35 worked wonders for the PC (minus the long term usage issue mentioned above), it doesn't really work for the PS3 -- I can use the mic but the ps3 doesn't recognize the headset in order to send sound through the ear pieces.

Besides, like I said, the comfortability of the G35 is getting old and I'd prefer to find a headset that I can wear for longer than an hour before I have to tell my guildmates that I'm getting off vent b/c I can't stand wearing the headset any longer.

So, if any of my fellow "wide-head" brethren can recommend a wireless headset that is light and comfortable and good for 4+ hours, I'd greatly appreciate it.

And yes, I've tinkered with the G35 padding pieces, but alas can't say I've been pleased.