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    xbox 360 controller on pc problem

    Yo, i just bought skyrim for pc today and i was really wanting to play it with my xbox 360 controller. But im having a problem, it seems that every time i control the camera and put it where i want, after a few seconds it automatically defaults to looking at the ground and spins. Im not sure if its a software glitch or if my control is busted and i need a new one. I dont have an xbox to test it on, ive never owned one.

    Any thoughts on why this is happening? Or is it just the case of a busted controller and i need to buy another?
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    Try it on some other games and see if it works and also on another PC if possible. Alas, I won't be able to follow up this post so I hope you get it sorted!

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    hmm sounds like an old issue used to get with calibrating controllers if you have the stick moved while plugging in controller.

    although not sure controllers calibrate like that anymore, just try unplugging and then plugging in and dont touch the stick !
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