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    Anyone know if running along the streams on the outside does additional damage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by timoseewho View Post
    Anyone know if running along the streams on the outside does additional damage?
    No additional damage, but they reverse as soon as he makes it to the other end. You can abuse this and let dots bring him from ~12% to 10%. If you screw up, you could get tornado'd pretty easily though. You could also not do enough damage and end up wiping.

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    Top everyone off before the first run, make sure people use healthstones since you got a lock. Have dk use his ams when he gets low, spriest and moonkin should be self healing while running. The only class that should need focus heals is probably the hunter and warlock from my experience.
    Make sure ~11% of the boss, you refresh dots and make sure everyone is 80%+ before you make the 2nd run. Use your 2nd stampeding for this, pop devo aura when people dip under 50% or even earlier. Make sure people use their personal cooldowns such as barkskin and dispersion etc... As a guardian druid, I save my dash for the 2nd run, I tend to be the first one reaching the boss allowing me time to hotw and tranq people making it over w/ 10-20% hp.
    Again, people gotta pop their defensives as they get across. Have the shammy drop a healing tide ~1/2 way if your raid is about to die or spirtwalker grace ascendence, ddepending on which one you guys want to use on the first run.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks again for the input all - unfortunately I can't reply to anything while I'm at work, heh.

    Almost positive that the shaman was using Riptide glyph, so that wasn't an issue.

    When we first started doing the tornadoes, we did hit the enrage but that was because people were still learning to dodge and I was the only one left alive, LOL. I did pretty well, gotta love those monk heals. After that, it was more of a survival issue in general. On the way back the first couple of times, only 3 people made it across without dying but couldn't finish without a healer, then eventually 4, and 5 when we got our kill. But success rate like that just raises a red flag that we weren't doing it right.

    I know on most of the attempts going back we didn't have Stampeding Roar, not sure if the druids were confused and both popping it on the first time around... but while that is obviously very helpful, it didn't seem right that groups without a druid would be screwed, so that's why I was wondering how others were doing it.

    Again, lots of great feedback. I honestly don't know what the other members were doing, and most of my class knowledge is limited to my monk, pally, mage, and hunter - and the last 3 are from pre-MoP, so I'm at a loss for who can do what now. For all I know, so are the people in my raid playing them. :P Though I do know several of my members were begging me not to level a holy paladin or to get the DMF trinket that floods the screen with light while using SCK, lol.

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    Make sure your paladin(s) are using Speed of Light for phase two. Makes a big difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciferiuz View Post
    Make sure your paladin(s) are using Speed of Light for phase two. Makes a big difference.
    That's a good suggestion, considering there's hardly any other movement in the fight. I'll pass that along, thanks!

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