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    I will see you, in a little while, in a place where no shadows fall

    --- Want any of my Constitutional rights?, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
    I come from a time and a place where I judge people by the content of their character; I don't give a damn if you are tall or short; gay or straight; Jew or Gentile; White, Black, Brown or Green; Conservative or Liberal. -- Note to mods: if you are going to infract me have the decency to post the reason, and expect to hold everyone else to the same standard.

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    Before I go, you must know, your adopted

    (pre write a will), Son, your doing good in life, I never had what you had at your age, so my belongings and finance, including the house, will go to PETA

    Game over


    (If Im married) Where is my love, I want her to be here with me at the end, (wait for miss's to say shes here) <Insert ex's name> WHERE ARE YOU MY LOVE

    Their coming,

    The bees! and what ever else the rest of the line was from that episode

    So many more spring to mind, and yea their all pretty cynical or evil
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    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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