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    What server are you on and what ore/herb are you having a hard time gathering?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amgyn View Post
    i see all these bad analogies...

    a better one would be:
    You're a british officer during ww2 and are assigned to protect a french city - you see a german soldier walk by you looting a house - you notice he is just a lowly private, only has a pistol... you determine he isn't a threat and just leave him cause you wont gain honor by killing him.... does that make sense? its a war, you're british soldier, you see a german soldier, you shoot.
    More like an 8 year old kid you're facing, who can hurt you with a water pistol (lightning bolt), or tickle your feet with a feather (purge), maybe give you a punch (flame shock + lava burst) if he manages to even hit you with it (hit cap etc). A level 55 cannot do anything to a level 90. A level 90 can just 1shot that player with white damage or a silly DoT costing 1 GCD. But if you let the level 55 level up to 90 then he becomes that adult who's in the army. Until then, he's harmless, like a child. In war, it is considered dishonorable to kill women (= PvE players ) and children (= low levels). Actually, it isn't considered dishonorable. If it happens en masse it is called genocide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    incessant cheerleading
    Do you get paid per post, or per syllable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eon Drache View Post
    what the OP described isn't PvP. Report the player if they are spawn camping you for hours. It's against the ToS
    No it's not. Though Blizzard doesn't endorse it, they're not against. You rolled on a PVP server, that was a risk you were taking.

    C. Rules Related to Game Play. Game play is what World of Warcraft is all about, and Blizzard strictly enforces the rules that govern game play. Blizzard considers most conduct to be part of the Game, and not harassment, so player-killing the enemies of your race and/or alliance, including gravestone and/or corpse camping, is considered a part of the Game. Because the Game is a "player vs. player" game, you should always remember to protect yourself in areas where the members of hostile races can attack you, rather than contacting Blizzard's in-game customer service representatives for help when you have been killed by an enemy of your race. Nonetheless, certain acts go beyond what is "fair" and are considered serious violations of these Terms of Use. Those acts include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
    You can tell WoW changed the MMO for good when players started complaining about the amount of time they sink, into a time sink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamR View Post
    What server are you on and what ore/herb are you having a hard time gathering?
    Me? I was quoting someone else. Personally, I'm not herb/orb gathering. And if I were on a server, I wouldn't be gathering those mats on the server except in Pandaria. I'd be gathering it on a cluster, a CRZ. But I always buy those low level herb/ore from AH, so even those I'd gather only in Pandaria. For me, that part is a non-issue, but I can very much recognize it is an issue for others. Speaking of which, I saw a fellow botting skinning on his level 90 shaman in Hellfire Peninsula. Very dumb thing given its higher pop. One, he was easily killable. Two, more people he pisses off and is noticed by them so he's getting reported (and will be banned eventually during next wave).

    What I am doing is just pet battles and farming some rare mobs. I'm doing it on RP "cluster" and I like that cluster (on my 2nd account). Lovely low populated. But on my main's server all those CRZs are high populated, and a shitload of horde since we're merged with a high-pop horde realm. My main doesn't even leave Pandaria except for AH (which I prefer to do on bank alts anyway). There's simply no need. I remember a few times where I wasn't, e.g. helping out guildie with Ring of Blood and there's more competition for those (from both factions) due to CRZ. I CBA to PvP without PvP gear, so I'm not doing those anymore.

    Now, when I signed up on my current realm on my main it didn't say: "3 expansions later your realm will be merged (when outside of Org/SW/expansion_land) with other servers, and it'll be all high population, and high horde instead of slightly in favor of alliance" which has those 4 problems I quoted (in addition to my phasing issue with pet battles).

    You can reply to that "don't roll PvP server" but that wouldn't solve all of those issues (and the phasing issue with pet battle is PvP related but my complaint is not the PvP itself; its the phasing which sometimes works and sometimes it plain doesn't). What would solve all of those 5 issues is: "roll on a low pop CRZ" which is what my alt did. The end result is Blizzard is earning 15 EUR a month more thanks to CRZ because I'm playing pet battles on my 2nd account (even during corpserun in raid).
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    I used to play on PVP servers, but I kind of got tired of it after a while. It's fun to be able to engage in World PVP and to fight over certain things, but sometimes you just want to level or play without having to be very alert or looking over your shoulder.

    My solution to not really enjoying that anymore was to move to another server. It might not sound like a very cheap or easy solution, but it is the solution to that problem.

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    Screwing up one group's experience to solve another group's problems is never an acceptable or tenable solution.

    That's really the bottom line.

    The situation naturally occurred over a long period of time.

    The fix drastically changed many people's gameplay experience overnight.

    That's simply not appropriate.

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