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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerwilko View Post
    because the Pro players / elitists consider that unless you play ranked PvP you are not worth the ground you stand on.
    Well spvp is the same as tpvp, just without any sort of coordination. WvW heroes and people who just hotjoin spvp without a team and complain about balance really have no right to... it just doesn't make sense. You're gimping yourself by playing an unbalanced mode, yet expect balance?

    You can't have balance with a bunch of PuG players who have their own agenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Curious. Why doesn't hotjoin count if it is also sPVP?
    The same reason Blizzard doesn't consider Bronze league when balancing SC2.

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    luckily, before the patch i had a chance to talk with an Anet employee in-game. The reason for the DD nerf was because DD was using the same "ramp up" damage effect that other skills like 100b and Cleansing Flames use. The more times it connects in a row, the more damage it does. Apparently, DD could do a total of 40k damage to just 2 targets who would happen to be in close proximity to each-other.

    Throw that into a few enemy guys attacking a point, you got yourself some crazy damage there.
    Facts don't care about feelings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    That isn't gameplay.

    That's just like personal circumstance.
    Exactly. Personal circumstance, anecdotal evidence... inappropriate source.

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    Phantasm damage down by 50%.. What? Really? The only one I felt a nerf was the Berserker Phantasm.

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    My Swordsman Phantasm was hitting for quite a bit less, I dunno. My damage output felt like it was staggering now, too. I just wish I had screens and logs from it before so I could say how much it feels like I'm missing.

    Of course, this could be in my head after seeing the Berserker nerf and blending the two together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Typhus View Post
    Thief players tend to be some of the most obnoxious forum posters for some reason...

    The changes were needed, and more are needed to be frank.
    Because most of Thiefs played Rogues in WoW. Look what happened to rogues in MoP.... We don't want the same bullshit.

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