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    SC2 Battle Net WC

    Is there anyone who could give me an ETA on when this is going live? I have never been good with times and stuff. So if you could give me like a countdown.

    An example: The event will begin in 16 hours.

    On another topic:

    What player do you feel is going to take the championship?

    I am hoping we can see happy Huk again with those awesome BO's. But I belive Hero is very strong at the moment.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Here is what i found, i am not sure is there some opening ceremony.

    ( 8 hours, 6 minutes )
    Event Time: 11:00 KST
    03:00 CET
    Fri 21:00 EST
    Fri 18:00 PST

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    Dont think huk done that well lately persnonaly compared to year ago. though scarlett looks like the US best player atm.
    EU gonna have to be stefano
    But ofc the winner will most likely be korean. and im gonna have to go sktelecoms Rain for first place overall xD

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