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    also how are the fan settings? (case flow etc?)
    imo just keep the 4,4ghz clock with HT beyond that point benefit decreases rapidly with actual applications. (some people say 4,2 even)
    Not sure how to present the fan settings, is a screenshot of the "monitor" tab in BIOS sufficent? There there is a lot of info, and as far as how the computer is actually put together i got kind of lost while my relative did it when talking about the airflow. I could upload the BIOS screenshot to imgur with the fan info?

    Bonus question: Like you said, when i disabled HT my temparatures dropped around 6-7C to 68 max temp during a few hour stresstest. But seeing how i'm satisfied with a 4.4 core speed at 1.180V, do i calculate the offset by subtracting VID (1.2009) with my voltage (1.1800)?
    That would give me -0.0209 and result in a -0.020 offset? Want to make sure i got that right.

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    with speedfan you should be able to read/tweak at what speed the fans run.
    as for the bonus question: it should be +0.020 iirc the value isn't a negative (not 100% on that one though)
    perhaps hop over to the OC leaderboards thread?

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    Definitely get an aftermarket cooler, i have a [email protected] and i have been playing swtor the last two days as well, highest recorded temp was 54c. I use a cheap but good cpu cooler, the coolermaster hyper 212+.

    I also recommend HWmonitor, best monitoring program ive used and i have tried them all.

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