Title says all.

Prefer to raid 2-3 nights a week. I haven't raided in a few weeks, to be honest, since HoF came out due to some work schedule changes; which is also the reason I'm looking for a new guild. I need a long term home to coincide with my new long term work responsibilities. I'd prefer to not have the stereotypical "Tues-Wed-Thurs" raid schedule if possible, as these are my days off from work and I have IRL stuff that could conflict with raids.

I'd like Thurs-Mon, no later than midnight EST.

If not, Mon-Wed is acceptable if you raid very late.

I'm 1/6H MV experienced. I've been main spec Ret since T4/T5 content. I'm a Firelord/Savior/Of The Four Winds from Cata.

I appreciate any responses. I'd prefer Alliance, but I'd be willing to discuss Horde if a paid transfer is a possibility.