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    Frost DK profession and other assorted questions

    Howdy, I am in the process of leveling my DK which I started a bit before MoP and I'm just a few bars away from 90. Needless to say, it's been wildly fun and almost exactly what I've been looking for in a class. Fun melee, high sustained dps, and great lore. That being said, I had a few mechanics questions.

    1. Is the best profession for Frost DKs engineering? It seems like the engineering bonus with pillar of frost would be a great thing to sync since they both have 1 min CDs. My current profession is Alchemy, and I'll add in engineering if it's agreed upon as the best profession for frost dks.

    2. Simple one, if I have a Killing Machine proc and full runic power, should I Obliterate or Frost Strike?

    3. From what I've gathered, 2H frost yields higher dps, yes?

    4. How should I start fights, I've been doing: Horn of Winter, Pillar of Frost, Raise Dead, 2 Obliterates, then refreshing runes with Empower Rune Weapon, then Obliterating/Howling Blast/Frost Strike as necessary.

    5. In a Soul Reaper Phase (<35%), what do I do with my unholy runes, anything?

    I appreciate any feedback and simultaneously curse you for not making me try the class earlier!
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    well lets see:

    1. I don't think overall one profession is better then the other (except mining since it only gives stam) but Engineering does seem to be slightly head.

    2. This depend on if you are DW or 2h. DW uses it on Frost Strike, and 2h uses it on Obliterate. Though never wait more then a second or so to use it on the right one if you can use it on the other.

    3. 2h seems to pull head in practice but DW sims higher when played correctly. Honestly if you have no preference play base on the strongest weapons available to you.

    4. I open with Army, pots, PoF macro'ed to Raise Dead and any trinkets that line up with PoF or Raise dead that don't trigger a global, Diseases (usually form Outbreak), then go in to normal rotation. Save ERW for when hit a dry spell of runes.

    5. If you are 2h hold on to your runes for OB or re-applying BP if it's less then 3 seconds, If you're DW then use it as you would normally (which should be for DnD or PS)

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    1: Engineering is boss. Our mobility sucks, well-used nitro boosts and goblin glider are godsent. On top of that, the synapse springs are the best dps aswell.

    2: As said above, depends if you're 2H or DW. 2H=OB, DW=FS.

    3: DW sims higher, but very marginally. Overall, what you play best / enjoy most will pull ahead.

    4: Except for specific cases, you should start with AotD, then prepot, Unholy Blight if specced, otherwise Outbreak while running in. Hit PoF+trinket/engi use/whatever str uses you might have + raise dead, then it depends on your spec. Dont blow ERW when you have resources though, unless you wont be able to use it twice in a fight otherwise. With usual bossfights being 7min+ you can easily wait for a minute untill you are low on runes and runic power.

    5: Again, depends on wether you play 2H or DW. Soul Reaper will only consume 1 frost/death rune per 6s though, so you have plenty of other stuff to hit.

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    I've been BS and JC since WotLK and I really love those profession: being able to craft my gear (back in WotLK tho, where the gear from BS was actually an upgrade) and gem it my self is priceless.

    I never liked Engi but it looks like a good prof tho.
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    Engineering is a fantastic profession. Synapse springs is widely regarded as the best dps boost for anyone. Also, when you use it every 1 minute with PoF, that strength goes up by 20%.....unbeatable.

    &Hunty answered the rest fantastically.
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