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    At first since I didn't have power auras I would count in my head from 12 down when I popped it, then offwatch my xperl timer and recall at last second. I wasn't liking that though as I don't want to have to look way off screen and was having trouble timing it with my ele timers. So I found a working copy of power auras and I now have all my elementals and hst give me an active countdown display in my LOS. Thats new as of a few days ago but I'm so used to the counting in my head that I'm forgetting to check my timer sometimes and am missing it.. So I'm also considering adding a sound event to give me an audible alert. But it's prob just a not used to it thing and in a few more days it will be second nature to recall properly.

    If you're not about having to watch timers, then just adding an audible event in power auras prob best way to handle it. You can easily catch every HST that way. Catch comes when you're trying to synch elementals with hst so that they both expire at same time. Then you actually need the timers and have to watch. If you're up to the challenge of multitasking.
    Jynus, yeah...I don't want to have to count in my head. There's already too much going on in our 10 mans (maybe things are calmer in 25 mans). I'd rather just stack some extra spirit and manage my mana. I've tried playing with a few different weakauras, with no success. What I've found is that they count the cooldown of the totem, which isn't very helpful. Maybe I'll have some extra time at some point to play around with the settings, but in the meantime...I'm not having horrible mana issues (even without having to stack a ton of spirit). However, I do stack crit :P Thanks for your input.

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    1) HST not being used enough. By extension Totemic recall glyph makes it free healing.
    2) Riptide being used too much. I'm assuming he's using the glyph. It's a mana drain to do so.
    3) Drop TC. 1200 mana for a 2 second loss of healing is dumb and amounts to nothing. Specially when TR is so much stronger.
    4) This is moreso a finger pointing at the raid itself. Shammy work best when there is a stack of people someplace. If on most fights you're not allowing this to occur, shammy suffer as HR is our strongest spell by far. Even on 10man garalon, a heavy movement fight, when we did it heals and dps basically were close enough together and it was known that as crush approached, a HR would be down inside a target leg and dps needs to stand in it. If you're not giving a shaman the raid awareness he needs, don't be surprised if he suffers. So his HR should be higher, and the raid should be accommodating to allow his HR to be higher.
    5) UE works with HR. most every HR you cast should be UE powered.
    6) CD's aren't being used. I'm seeing some fights with like 1 HTT and 0 ascendance. While they don't need to be used on CD, they should be used every burst period in rotation with other raiders bust CD's. Every fight should see 3-4 CD's used. Not 1-2. And possibly he's using ascendance wrong? It's best used right after a UE powered HR, you then get 10 full seconds of HR procing mists + chain spam on a riptided target. It should almost be as powerful as HTT if done right.
    Just do what he said^^^

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