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    [US - Skywall - A] late night recruiting for 10 man

    [US - Skywall - A] late night recruiting for 10 man

    Cult is a late night raid group that is actively recruiting the following raiders to set up our initial group:

    2 healers. Resto Druid and Resto shaman preferred. Will take any exceptional apps.

    Ranged DPS. Ele shaman/Warlock/mage/Boomkin

    1 Melee dps of any kind.

    Raid times are from 9 pm to 12 am server (West coast time) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

    You can whisper Rarespawn, Tendencii or Ðaemonhunter (ALT + 0208 for the Ð) in game for more information or visit www.cultguild.com/forum for more information as well.

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    Still looking for more raiders.

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