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    Red face [H-10] <If We Die Its Lag> US - 1/6 H 11/16 N 3Day - Need all DPS

    If We Die Its Lag is recruiting for our 10 man progression group. We are currently looking for all DPS, especially warlocks and mages.

    Raid Schedule:

    Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30-11:00 EST


    A focus on progression- This is the main focus of the guild. You are required to know the boss fight before entering the encounter.
    Recruits should be prepared to start raiding immediately upon joining
    Mumble and use of a mic is required.
    A good raiding attitude. This goes for strats, loot, wiping, etc.
    Research of fights and your class is expected.
    A sense of humor.

    Loot Distribution
    Raiders are required to create and update a loot list which includes their best upgrades on our forums. This determines who gets loot and who is in the group for farm bosses. Loot is done by this list and by loot council.

    Please visit our forums to learn more and apply.


    In-game contacts:


    Battletag: chorkpop#1997
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    Still need a tank and one DPS.

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    bumpity bumpity give me a warlock

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