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    [A] 5/6 HM 1/6HM Server 1st 10m Recruiting Warlock

    Guild: Weekend Pandas
    Faction: Alliance
    Server: Kil’jaeden (PvP/PST)


    We're a semi hardcore guild raiding 3-4 days a week, with Friday 6-9, Saturday 12-5, Sunday 1-6 fixed, with an optional Monday 8-12 for cleanup purposes. Raids may or may not start or end on time. Extensions possible if kills are imminent.

    We are currently server 1st 10M and 2nd Overall.

    Achievements (while current):

    Glory of the Firelands Raider
    Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
    Server First Heroic Yor'Sahj
    Server First Heroic Blade Lord Ta'Yak

    Core members supplied with Gems, Enchants, Repairs, Gear, etc as needed for progression.

    We are always recruiting exceptional players of every class. Currently looking for a Warlock and Holy Paladin, as well as any ranged DPS. Weekday raids available.

    Apply at weekendpandas.guildportal.com/ or contact Tsuruyan or Timerobber online.

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    Still need that Warlock : ) Who wants Delver of the Depths?

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    Come on warlock!

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    Heroic will of emperor and heroic garalon this week people :0

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    Bump bump bump bump

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