Reinstalled New Vegas again because I had a hankering for some Fallout, and I'm running into the predictable CTDs that become increasingly common as you add more mods. I've got the load order figured out but there are a couple of mods that aren't playing nice, even with compatibility patches, probably because one mod has updated somewhat recently and the other... hasn't.

I remember being advised to use tools like FNVedit and Wrye Flash to create "bashed patches," as potential workarounds for this... but I can't seem to remember how to pull that off, and there's an infuriating lack of documentation on the actual use of Wrye Flash where I've been looking. Oblivion Nexus also seems to imply that Wrye Bash is now some kind of universal version that should work for all Gamebryo games as well as Skyrim, so I'm not even sure if I should be trying to use Wrye Flash or Wrye Bash.

Anyone have some recent experience with this process that can help clue me back in?