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    Looking for a new Healer interface


    I came back to the game after stopping mid-Cata (I play a resto shaman), and I hoped into my first raid last week. I am not a huge fan of extreme UI personalization, mostly satisfied with Blizzard default UI, but as a healer it is simply not enough, so I quickly re-installed Grid for the raid.
    I thought I did not perform very well this night, or rather that there was room for improvement lol.
    One of the reasons was that Grid was not fully configured (no HoT’s displays for instance).

    My question is: should I stick with Grid or should I try out other healer interface such as Vuhdo or HealBot?
    What do you guys use and why?

    ps: sorry for bad english

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    Try vuhdo and healbot, they are pretty the same things, except some features, so you will choose the one with the little feature you enjoy the most.
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    If you are comfortable with your existing macros and keybinds, download grid 2 and get configuring

    If you're looking for a little more functionality (built in click healing) at the cost of aesthetic customizability (sounds like you dont care about looks if you use default ui) Healbot and Vuhdo are great. Its been a while since I used either, but when I did, vuhdo was much more configurable, but MUCH more confusing to set up

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