I have got to say that I am being absolutely blown away by the look of some of the zones in Storm Legion. The first two zones are decent, nothing particularly grabbed me, but some of the later zones. Wow.

So in the style of reddits earthporn section, let's have a thread for cool screenshots of the expansion zones.

Some tips to help before I post images:

  • Before taking a screenshot, max your settings. Yeah your fps might nosedive, but that doesn't matter for a screenshot. Restore settings afterwards.
  • To make the image fit here on MMO-C, open it first in paint, and click 'resize' on the tolbar at the top.
  • In the resize box, select Pixels, and change the width to 900.
  • Upload to imgur.com. Easily the best image repository on the web, simple, free, no ads, worth making an account.

And now the art:



More to come! Post your own