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    When's the last time you heard people in LFR throw around personal insults like "give me that token. your dps sucks ass, you don't deserve it"? Or turn into a bitchfest over people needing and winning loot when they had the heroic versions of the item equipped. I remember I had a DS boss attempt once where we wiped 10 seconds in because none of the healers were healing. They were too busy bitching at the healer who put up really poor numbers but had won some healing item off the previous boss.

    The last time I've seen that happen was LFR right before patch 5.0. The new loot system has made LFR 100x better.
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    The new one is by far better then the old one.
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    The stupid thing in it is that you cant trade an item that you've won to someone who actually needs it. Example I get my third dagger when there's a rogue on the run with just blue daggers. It's stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by zomgname View Post
    I like the new system, but two things really annoy me about it.

    Things should still be tradeable. I Q'd with my fiance, and I won a ring off a boss - I used my extra loot roll. I won the same ring again. My fiance, who is also a healer, got nothing. I should of been able to trade it and instead I had to vendor it. Same thing happened again - last boss, weapon drops, fiance got it the previous week, and then got it again. I got nothing, still have a dungeon weapon - had to be vendored instead of getting used...

    Getting 28g literally sucks when you go week after week and haven't had good enough RNG to get a damn thing. Give out gems, flask, mats, etc. at least..
    I have to disagree. This opens up the system to too many exploits. While its nice to say you just want to help your girlfriend who got nothing (/cry) this change would obviate the need to play toons.

    Imagine this: I have a toon that just hit 90. I have no coins, no dailies, etc. so what do I do? I recruit a bunch of people with the same spec and pay them to LFR, burn coins, and give me whatever drops. Okay, so one LFR cycle and i am fully geared. Now what?

    More specifically, this swings the door wide open for creating a literal production line of toon gearing to sell. Using this feature, I could produce many fully geared saleable toons each lockout, limited only by the numbers of people I employ and the number and variety of characters in my stable.

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    Current one. Theoretically, your chances of actually getting the loot you want are probably the same as they were before IF PEOPLE are actually just rolling on what they need.

    When I see people complain that they're only getting gold and it was worthless them coming in, and they want to visibly see they've won something to make it feel worthwhile, it actually makes me REALLY glad Blizzard implemented this new system.

    I tend to think that all the people complaining now were the problem with the old system, that would need on items they didn't need so at least they had won something to show for having gone through the lfr.

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