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    I would call a soak tank the 2nd tank in ICC when fighting Blood Queen where she hits both targets. The tank thats got the threat is the MT and OT is the soak tank.

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    Soap tanks are usually used in fights with dirty bosses, Foal mouth minions, or other nasty conditions. They were often found in fights where a large amount of....

    Oh Soak tanks. yeah your are just a meatshield. Offtank used to do this (see icc) in current raids Offtank usually just pick up adds or chicks while you get stuck with the fatty.

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    we had a soak tank in tempest keep.. on solarian who soaked the debuff we also called him the trash can but dont remember why.. :P
    but yeah soak tank was someone with full stam gear just eating the pure dmg with his life pool like a living disici shield
    but havent heard that term since bc ^^

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