Hi Guys,

We were able to kill this last night in about 2 hours (1 hour the previous night) which was much shorter than what it took us to kill Garalon. All in all it's a healer fight and we really felt the need to bring 3 healers as we only have tranq + spirit link for raid walls. Your mileage may vary depending on your healer's available physical damage cooldowns.

We decided to 1 tank it which opened up a spot for our melee monk to go nutty.

We wiped to a few stupid things. I put together a video with tips for our other two teams so they could avoid our wipes. Figured it might help out others here too. Be good, hope it helps. All in all an easy and fun boss.

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Side note: have any of you 2 tanked / 3 healed and beat the enrage? if so can you post logs of your DPS?!!