A couple friends and I decided were going to step into arena and put some decent effort into it for the first time, all of us being mainly PvE players sense launch decided we needed something else to have some fun with.

We did one night of arenas so far and got our raiting up to right about 1700, not too high yet but were happy seeing as were all very new, currently were running Resto Shaman, Frost Mage, and Destro Lock basicaly we put some decent pressure up playing rather defensivly untill the dps both blow everything and something evaporates in a cloud of frost bomb and chaos bolt. This has been working rather well but weve had serious issues with teams with Demo Locks, and we got to thinking that maybe it would be better if we had the Lock go Demo as well. He hasnt played the spec yet in MoP at all but is willing to learn best as he can. What my question is should our lock go demo or just stick with whats been working and what do we gain / lose by having him swap

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give for this really noobish pvp player

TLDR~ Currently playing Resto Shaman, Frost Mage, and Destro Lock should lock go Demo?