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    Exclamation Having trouble logging into the WoW Forums

    Went to log in today at work (IE8, ew) and it seems to be bugging out. After I log in with the authenticator, it refreshes the page still showing the "Log in now to enchance and personalize your experience" option where my profile should be. I click on a thread and my profile then reads "An error has occured. Please try again. Log Out." Is there something going on with the forums I'm unaware of, or could it be simply a personal issue? If the latter, any tips to resolve? Thanks!

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    I'm also experiencing this issue, latest version of firefox here.

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    seem like the API and forum have issue with login atm, i cant login on my iphone

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    I can't log in either, gives me the log out out message to try to resolve it. I can log into my balltnet aaccount though, hrmm.

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