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    [H] <Pure Luck> Recruiting for Mythic Raiding in WoD

    <Pure Luck> is a horde raiding guild on the server Illidan-US. We recently transferred here from Kil'jaeden. Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided back in TBC and Vanilla. In addition to previous raiding experience our officers have current experience in SoO getting 13/14H pre 6.0 with a lot of experience on heroic Garrosh.

    We are recruiting Healers and DPS of all classes.

    Loot is distributed by loot council. Our loot council considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History.

    During Progression our raid times are as follow:

    Wednesday: 6 P.M - 10 P.M (PST)
    Thursday: 6 P.M - 10 P.M (PST)
    Monday: 6 P.M - 10 P.M (PST)

    We are also accepting casual players and PvPers.

    Please visit our website:

    Or contact us in-game:

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    Still looking

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    LF Heals and DPS for WoD raiding

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    Beta ends Monday. Its almost time!

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    Moar Heals/DPS needed for WoD Mythic.

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    Pickles are tasty.

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    Blizzcon tomorrow morning! Still want heals and dps.

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    Calling all non-monks!

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