My name is Namoiram, and I am the Alliance Faction Development Officer for Ex Inferno, a cross-faction community with active player bases across multiple MMOs. These include WildStar, SW:TOR, Archeage, and (of course) World of Warcraft.

With Warlords of Draenor quickly approaching, our World of Warcraft sector is looking to expand its ranks and hit end-game content hard. Leadership positions are also available. As of November 5th, the Alliance has completed 14/14 Mythic and has three teams of various difficulty levels looking for more. We hope to provide an environment where players of all skill levels / availability schedules have a place to raid and experience end-game content in its entirety.

About Us:
Ex Inferno is a collection of multiple MMOs working together to uphold the ideal of "progression over personal gain." Though we have expanded to include many games since the community first began, we hold our roots in World of Warcraft and would like to see this game continue to flourish. We are an 18+, cross-faction community with active raiders / PvPers / socials on both the Alliance and the Horde side. We pride ourselves in providing a fun, drama-free environment where it is easy to meet new people and enjoy World of Warcraft to its fullest.

We ask that all applicants interested in joining the community read our core values (link at the bottom of this post) and ensure that our ideals coincide. These outline the structure of the community and binds all members together.

Pirates of Tomorrow (14/14M): Tues/Wed/Sun (clean up) 8-12ST
Envy (6/14M): Wed/Sun/Mon 8-11ST
Unorthodox Pizza Shrapnel (new heroic team forming): Wed/Thur 5-8ST

For more information on a particular team, feel free to check out the community forums: leadership, rules / expectations, etc. are listed here.

Contact Information:
To Apply:
BNet: Namoiram70#1435

Feel free to contact myself for any questions, or hop in our Mumble and chat with any officer or GM. If you are still looking for a guild for WoD, we hope that we can provide a home for you. Thanks for any interest.