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    il 487 disc/shadow priest LFG

    current content down
    MGV 6/6
    MGV H 1/6
    HOF 3/6
    TOES 0/6

    Guild falling apart because we can't seem to find new people or replace our current baddies. So im just looking for a new home. Alliance but i can switch to horde. The times that i would be able to raid are anytime after 10 est to whenever. Any days are fine. Im a good player just looking for a new home.

    Have a WOL but it will not let me post it on here.

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    SHE LOOKED LVL EIGHTEEN is a 25/10m raiding guild on Eonar.

    We pride ourselves in our ability to push endgame content with a hardcore ability and mentality while having a 3-day a week schedule currently we are looking for Healers and DPS in our 25m new recruits are given immediate chance to prove their ability their first week here. after that as with all our raiders you must fight to prove you deserve your spot (keep numbers and performance high each week). this is a guaranteed spot for the right raider(s).

    We run a small roster as to give our Raiders Optimal raiding time roster usually runs 28-32 max. (pretty much your being recruited to raid not sit on the bench) We are also a large online gaming community with stakes in many games including LoL hosting our own Minecraft server and many more.

    We Raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Times: 8:50 (invites) 9-12:30 (we dont pull after 12:30)

    Please be minimum 470 ilvl 4/6 MV progression

    If your interested visit www(dot)slle(dot)co or msg me at my realID benker1000 at aol(dot)com or battletag trytrotic#1111 for any questions or for more info

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    I am the GM and raid leader of NPH FanClub, We are a 10/25 man progression raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow Alliance side EST PvP server. We would be interested in speaking with you about a spot in our core raiding group. We are currently the top 25 man alliance raiding guild on our server.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8pm-11:30pm EST with optional alt raids and gdkp raids on the offnights.

    We are currently recruiting exceptional raiders to fill key spots in our core group! We're looking for players who know their class and how to maximize their performance, and who are eager to push progression while still having fun. Currently working on our heroic push through content.

    We classify our guild as a hardcore raiding guild on a 3 day a week schedule. We were a prior top 100 guild who took a break from wow after 7 years of playing and are ready to regain our prior ranking.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    If you have any questions or want to check on your application with us:

    Real ID/battletag:

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    <JINX> invites you to join us. We're looking for a shadow priest.

    We're 9/16.

    Raid Times are 9pm- 12am PST (11pm-2am CST, 12am-3am EST) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We only raid 9 hours a week and don't have time to mess around. You'll have to be good or it won't work out. Undergeared? We can work though that. Underskilled? Not so good.

    <JINX> is a 25-man progression guild located on the Runetotem (US PVE) server. We are largely a group employees and friends of the J!NX Brand Clothing Company. Our raiders and raid leadership are well-tuned in their roles and have extensive experience in the raid environment dating as far back as Vanilla WoW.

    The J!NX Brand is a clothing company for Gamers and Geeks. Joining the J!NX Raid Team is an opportunity to experience WoW raiding in a unique environment. If you are an exceptional player with a good attitude, this is most likely the last guild you will ever join. If you're trying to balance your life, your job, and your family with your inner nerd, come hang with some like-minded individuals. This relationship does infer certain responsibilities: they pay for our vent/website, etc and you represent them appropriately by acting like a mature individual on the realm.

    We expect 90% attendance from our raiders, so plan on being available for just about all scheduled activity. Guild membership is limited to adults (20+). Sorry, but this is a non-negotiable requirement.

    Interested players should register at the J!NX Guild website at wowstead and apply:
    Click the “apply” button just under the class recruitment icons.

    There will be competition for slots. It's a raid guild, after all. If you expect to be handed a “core position” from start, forget it. Such things are earned. Although we try to keep enough personnel for a full group 6, we expend considerable effort in swapping people in and out on farmed content so that everyone gets to play. On progression fights we roll with our best 25.

    That said, all guilds are revolving doors and we know, historically, that somebody is about to remember they have a life/job/wife etc.

    If you would like to inquire, the following Officers can help: Hanimal, Dagor, Ammeythyst, Whiteytighty, or Lugbruz (personnel officer).

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    Static - Top 50 US 25m, 3 nights a week (Wed/Thu/Mon, 9:00pm - 12:30a Eastern), needs a few incredibly talented DPS, and perhaps a Healer

    Website: staticraid.com

    RealID: [email protected]

    Added bonus (link to HM Ragnaros kill): http://www.twitch.tv/static_layn/b/296558795

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    still looking none of the above times work for me

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    7pm - 10pm (pushing to 11pm now). Mon-Thu CST Horde.

    Guild is <Transcended> US-Blackhand currently and raid on average 6-8 hours a week on sat and sun - but it's not working and we are moving to weekdays.

    We are losing an 80+k HPS priest and need a good main healer.

    If you want to talk, my tag is sorn#1802 - I can explain and ask Q's if you like the times.

    Currently 6/6 4/6 0/4, but we will be moving much faster when we switch to weekdays.

    Vanilla skilled players, server firsts, world ranked people at one point. We need a solid healer replacement. Planning a re-clear to current this week and push past at an expedited level. Time and people's schedules were a major issue we have had for the weekends. Solving that problem now.

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    Ignis Aurum Probat
    US – Mal'Ganis (PVP) - Horde

    Raid Schedule

    Friday: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, server time (CST)
    Saturday: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, server time (CST)

    Check us out at our website. MMO won't let me post it here, but you can find it over at wowprogress or on our recruitment thread here or on the Mal'Ganis forums.

    Fresh guild, but experienced players already pushing through content to start heroics. Looking to expand into 25m very soon.
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    still looking would like to find a 10 man that starts at 10pm est and finishes around 1am est or near that. Would not mind switching to horde

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    Ascent of US-Arathor is looking for players that fit your description to help fill a needed role in our 25-man raid group. We are an Alliance guild and among the oldest on the server. We are also the only 25-man raiding guild on Arathor. Your character is what we are looking for in our raid group and we would like to invite you to apply with us.

    Our current progression is 6/6 MV 3/6 HoF. We raid Tuesday - Thursday from 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST (Server Time). Our loot distribution is by way of Loot Council, comprised of 6 officers and 2 weekly advisors (raid members).

    Thank you for your consideration! We hope to see you soon!

    New to site cant link websites yet so heres my RealID for more Info if you wanna talk SammieJR19 at aol.com

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    AWOL is a 25 man progression raiding guild on US-Kel'thuzad.

    Who we are:

    Our core has been playing together for years. We've finished all of the previous tier's content at a competitive pace, and are hoping to continue that trend. We are all extremely active – often even playing other games such as League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and more.


    Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6H
    Heart of Fear: 1/6H
    Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4N



    Exceptional players of any class will be considered.

    Raid Times:

    7:30PM - 11:30PM EST Monday-Wednesday



    If you are searching for this type of guild, then visit the link below to apply.


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