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    Needing some help

    So when it comes to computers, i'll admit, i'm mentally "special". Knowing this, and going against my better judgement, i took my wife shopping for a laptop that she could use to play WoW with me. Apparently, im a failure as the laptop we both chose fails to run the game even at its lowest settngs without a great deal of lag... to the point that just walking through a zone, the game skips and freezes.

    So we are returning that one in a few hours and getting a different one. We have a small budget, but after looking around at laptops in our price range (yes it has to be a laptop, we have no room for a desktop) i found i think is a lil better and i would love the opinion of someone who knows a lil more. Its a Toshiba laptop with dual-core AMD E2-1800 acc processoor; 500GB HD; 4GB DDR3 RAM; and AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics card.

    Help me out MMO Champ community i wanna play WoW with my wife again !

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    The APU (combined CPU and graphics) in the E2-1800 are of netbook-quality and thus extreme entry level. Will you be able to play World of Warcraft with that? Yes. Will it be with high settings and high fluidity? I am doubtful.

    What is your price-budget per laptop, where do you live, would you be comfortable ordering online?

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    Both her and i have been fine running the game in low to medium low settings for the past couple of years, so running in low is not a problem for us. The laptop she was using previously was an Acer with the AMD Phenom II N970 processor with Radeon 4250 graphics and it was near perfect for us, it had a hiccup or 2 when in a raid and slowed down a lil but other than that it was great. Just looking for something of similar quality for less than $450 ( i paid 400 for the previous one 2 years ago, bought 2 and am still using mine) Ordering online isnt much of an option considering the fact she has been tormenting me for the last 14hrs to get her a laptop that will work so she can play, which is why we are going to walmart when our son wakes up to return the hunk of junk she picked out

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    According to the mediocre benchmark site Passmark, the E2-1800 +7340 has a CPU score of 811 and a GPU score of 227. This computer runs at 1366x768 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Toshiba-Sa...ystem/21684646

    To put things in perspective, my current laptop has a T9400 CPU rated 1807 and a 9600M GT GPU rated 281. At 1080p on lowest settings + good view distance, I get 30 fps flying around in MoP. The FPS is worse in raids.

    I recommend getting an i3 processor with Intel HD 3000. Make sure to get second generation i3-2xxx and avoid the i3-2367M. This would give comparable performance to my setup.

    The best deal I saw on the Walmart website is ASUS i3-2370M, Windows 7, 15.6" 1366x768 for $400


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