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    1 daily that grants you reputation from Hated to Exalted in one go! Oh and you get 250K gold for it and about 125 Elder Charms of Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasffion View Post
    I'd rather have 1 quest a week and get 14k rep
    sure, but we have to make it take 7 hours to complete..

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    An even better idea, probably for the next expansion.

    All existing characters are now instantly leveled to 100 (as well as any new ones you might make, much like the PTR), Azeroth is deserted, since there's no need for any parts of it to be populated, and instead you simply have your capital cities to afk in. All new content is experienced solely through dungeon and raid finders. Professions are automatically max level, and you're mailed random materials on a daily basis.

    There, all better now?
    I'd quit, because it would be, why bother... I was in beta, and I spent more time IN SW than out... why? cause I was raking in millions of gold from folks that wanted to buy what I was selling and truthfully, it was just too easy to get the materials to make the stuff.

    25,000,000 in gold in just a little over 4 months.

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