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    [H]<Dirty Deeds>Terokkar 4/16 10M Morning Raids

    <Dirty Deeds> of Terokkar is a group of third shift gamers that have known each other since TBC. Some of us have been raiding together since Karazhan and have recently returned to WoW to take a shot at the raiding content that MoP offers. We are looking for a few more players to join our raid team and share in the experiences that come with it. As we are all overnight workers, we do not have the amount of time that the normal guilds do, but we strive to accomplish as much as possible within the time that we can get together. Our desire is to clear each tier before it gets nerfed, and to be a competitive 10 man group within Terokkar.

    Schedule: We raid two days a week. Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 A.M. CST to 1:30 P.M. CST.


    Warrior - Tank, DPS
    Death Knight - Tank, DPS
    Paladin - Tank
    Paladin - Retribution
    Priest - Shadow, Holy
    Druid - Restoration

    Expectations: We expect everyone to make the two days a week that we have to devote to the content. All players are expected to have consumables ready, as well as be correctly geared.

    If you have any questions or would like to apply, feel free to send a tell to anyone in guild and ask for either Boogaloo, Jointpain, Pyrrha, or Kryptodro. Feel free to add my battletag: Kryptodro#1791.

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    still looking for an OT.

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