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    Should I buy this computer and just stick a better graphics card in there?

    Now, this PC is FANTASTIC price for it's spec, imo. I also love the grey, sleek look of the case, and Asus is one of my favourite brands, so pretty much win/win all round.
    However, it's graphics card is very average, so do you think I should buy it and just put a better card in there?
    It also has a blu-ray player, which is another epic win as I have a lot of Blu-ray dvds that I'm forced to watch on my PS3.

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    Avoid PCWorld like the plague. I say that for no other reason but the price. It's a terrible price for that PC. Take a look at this from Ebuyer; http://www.ebuyer.com/395292-zoostor...p-pc-7873-0334

    Yes, it's only got a 1TB drive, but it's £599, vs the £850 for the one from PCWorld. It's onboard HD graphics. Moreover, the one from Ebuyer states a 300W PSU while the PCWorld one doesn't seem to list this, but i'd warrant it's also 300W. If you were looking to add in a new GPU anyway, might as well save some cash and buy a quality PSU (you can get a decent one suitable for your needs for around £60-70) and a decent graphics card. It's an mATX case, but you can either buy a cheap one for <£25 from Ebuyer, or you might not even need to worry too much about space for a better graphics card.

    If you ever want a PC, don't go to PCWorld or Currys. They'll not only try to drag you into buying all the extras you don't really need, you'll also be paying over the odds. I can vouch for Ebuyer too, even their 11PM Cutoff time (for most things, some things are excluded) and their RMA service is like no other (they'll honor valid ones and they've always gone out of their way to keep me happy).
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    Be careful on purchasing a new video card - I didn't see the Power Supply specs in that link. You'll want to verify you have enough power first.

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