hey there,

I represent Flawless Design, which is a 12/16HC guild on Stormscale EU (Horde). We recently migrated here and are rebuilding after our previous guild (Project Apocalypse on CoA server) stropped raiding after the xmas break.

WE raid 3 days a week (Wed-Sun-Mon) from 19:30 - 23:00 Server Time.

However we are not casual raiders, we apply the same rules and expectations of our members as any opther progressive guild. If you dont know what these are then you are already not the type of player we are looking for.

The officer team have been in high end raiding guilds since vanilla, always achieving at least top 300 each tier. Reason they ain't there any more is the time constraints, why we came together to make our own guild.

The reason we don't raid a lot id we believe that with a well structured and close knit group you can achieve a lot more and dont need to bang your head against a wall for 6 hours in the hope it falls down.

Outside of raids we are very laid back people who enjoy spamming BGs, arena's (we have a few glads and high warlods - hence the move to stormscale).

We also play games such as PoE, LoL, Dota together and mumble is rarely inactive, normally 3/4 of us on doing something outside of raids.

We are currently in the need of:

  • 1 healer to be partnered with our Disc Priest. For 3 heal fights we will have one of our hybrids go heal....so this is a permanent raiding position.
  • 1 melee or hybrid range dps - this is to complete our dps team, giving us a complete roster of 11/12 people
However we encourage anyone who has the same drive and passion for progression, but just cant afford to raid 5-6 days a week, to get in contact with us. We are a close knit group and we dont feel that anyone in our team can be replaced.....but we have been proven wrong before.

Fore more information either reply here or add me on my real id that is cMaxwell89#2854