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    LF Pro DK tank for Challenge Modes!

    Looking for a complete gold medal sweep in challenge modes. We are alliance side!

    We currently have a group of:

    1 - Ele Shammy
    1 - Rogue
    1 - Resto Druid
    1 - Fire/Frost Mage

    We really want a DK tank to complete the group and get started on challenge modes. We have all the strats set for what we will do to complete gold runs in each dungeon.. Just haven't been able to find the pro DK tank we need.

    If you are interested please post or PM! Yes.. You can use real-ID group invites to do challenge modes.. so your realm does't matter. You must be completed geared, ready to be pro, and look to push your fellow challengers!

    We are looking to do the runs on weekends(Friday or Saturday night.. where we can play late into the night)


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    I'm sorry, but we don't really have a place for you to form challenge modes. The closest place is:


    Please post there

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