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    what role is a warrior best at in PvE?

    so i've just started doing dungeons with my warrior. Mostly pugs. I keep getting asked for different things, such as "use shouts" or "use banners" or "tank this." I'm confused.

    What role is a warrior best at in PvE?

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    boons / conditions?

    what are we "best" at

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    would like some other opinions from other professions as to what they expect from warriors really.

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    Every class in the game is essentially a dps class with a handful of support abilities. Broadly everyone does about the same job regardless of profession choice. So no one expects anything different out of a warrior than they do an elementalist. Because they are both essentially the same to a group- damage, a couple of buffs to their party (maybe), a heal, a CC, etc.

    There are no soft or hard roles in the game currently. For the most part you wouldn't even notice having a warrior in your group from having a ranger or thief.

    Everything is sorta of white bread/unimportant. Are you breathing? Can you dodge? Okay, you can come to the run.

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    kicking ass
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    However, a warrior can provide much for group utility, with out sacrificing DPS over a ranger or thief.
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    Umm... I'm doing CoF every day and trying to pug fractals time after time, even though only on lvl4 atm due to lack of parties and time overall and I never been asked to "use that or spec this", if I was I'd tell them to kindly go f** themselves. I decide what I spec and how I play, not them.
    To answer directly, warriors are awesome at kicking ass. I'm personally your almost typical GS glass cannon and having alot of fun with it. Granted, we're easily dropped if we don't know encounter, but if we do -- it's a great fun and a nice fast runs.
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    well, i believe that certain professions are better at certain things than others. As a warrior, there's no way i could constantly heal or regen a group as well as an elementalist (water?) or even a guardian. So far, I'd say a warrior is best at dps and boons/ condition removal.

    I understand that gw2 doesn't have the holy trinity like other MMO's, but even still, some professions are better at certain roles than others.

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    A warrior is best at the face role ifyouknowwhatimean

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