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    [A] RAKIA - Bloodhoof EU [5/16] MSV

    About us
    RAKIA is a fairly new guild, atleast to raiding, although we have several members that has been raiding reaching back to Vanilla and Burning Crusade.
    Currently we are looking for a wide variety of classes, of course exceptional players are always considered.
    Our goal is to fill a sturdy progressing group of raiders so that we may progress further in the current content.
    Currently we raid about 3-5 times a week and from 19.30-23.30 and usually we have atleast one small break during raid hours.

    We expect what most guilds expect from their raiders.
    -Be on time, you should be prepared and have things done before invites start.
    -Teamspeak 3 is required and therefore also a good understanding of the english language, both speaking and listening.
    -Making the most out of the class you're playing, this includes knowing which talents to choose, which rotations to use etc.
    -Most of our players are about or above 18 years of age, this not a requirement but we do require you to be mature and receptive of criticism.

    From us you can expect a serious but friendly enviroment, of course we try our best to make everyone happy while still maintaining the highest possible progress throughout raiding content.

    Current Spots
    Currently we are looking for almost any classes as long as you know your class thoroughly and meet our requirements.
    We would prefer:
    -Death Knight (Tank)
    -Shadow Priest

    Contact Us
    Preferably, if you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact any officer in game:
    Guild Leader

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