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    For those who have bought past AC games on PC.

    In the past I've always bought AC on the console, but recently got a new computer and want to try it on PC. My question is this: is there typically a good amount of people playing multiplayer? I know it's nothing like console, but I don't wanna be sitting in matchmaking forever waiting for players.

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    Well I just bought Brotherhood a month ago and I tried 3 times to enter now. 2 times I played just fine and had alot of fun for a couple of hours. Second time I was waiting a bit so I gave up. Third time I entered again and had fun again.

    I'm not sure if you're talking about AC III but since Brotherhood has people playing then I bet AC III or even Revelations will have alot of peeps playing.

    PS: I heard AC III is best played on a console but it's your choice.

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    Revelation still has a decent amount of players. I'd imagine that alot more will start playing after AC3 is out on PC.

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    I no it's a little off-topic but would it be better to get Assassins Creed 3 on PC or 360? I've played the others on 360 but now I have a PC I do most gaming on plus I have a 360 controller for PC.
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