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    how does doc work with moonkin 4p?

    so i just got my 4p last night since i'm the only vanq user in our raid (lol). people around the internet have been saying that with 4p DoC pulls ahead as the dps talent of choice but im just not seeing it. i'm still getting better results with NV and then even with HotW over hardcasting heals.

    for my opener i do the standard rotation (one cast prelunar incarnation starfire to 0 then CA) using my first NS heal to buff dots right before popping CA. from there i just cast 1 HT before triggering nature's grace, push eclipse, and put up both dots, repeat at both ends of the cycle. i'm not seeing a single target damage increase however. i can see it viable at haste levels where you can move through eclipse so fast that you only redot 1 eclipsed dot at a time, therefore cutting the amount of heals in half, but right now it doesn't seem so great. maybe i need more haste? maybe i'm doing something wrong? idk.

    anyhoo. the 4p is nice to keep dot uptime and i was able to grab almost 3% extra crit while maintaining the haste breakpoint. pretty strong, but i'd still give it to mages and rogues before us.
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    DoC is only higher DPS at higher breakpoints.

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