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    macro issues

    I got 2 questions.

    1. How can i make a macro for this. so i can easily target a special players target. Like our maintanks target? Instead of me needing to klick him in grid and then klick the target he is using i am loosing out on secs on dpsing the target it would be easier to just use a macro for it but i dont know how to write this.
    Since we are progressing on Garalon and i have tried to tab to the legs and it doesnt work for me so i thought i would just use a macro for a special player target.

    2. This question i dont think suits here so idk how to do it but i used in cata to make reforges and stuff to get proper stats and see if it was a dps increase with simcraft so i dont need to spend gold on it but now they arent updated for mop live. Since when i import my char it doesnt have my back and dmf trinkets. Does anyone know any other way to do it so i dont need to spend that gold?

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    /tar <main tank's name>
    not sure if there is a better way to do that but that will work.
    2. and are sites that i have used to help with reforging. you can set your stat weights or use the preset weights already on there.

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