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    [Shaman] Resto PvP Help!

    Hey guys, I've finally got around to leveling a shaman to 90.

    I used to play a shaman in Classic in BC but made a new account sometime during wrath.

    I leveled this shaman during Cataclsym(the end) So i'm not exactly sure on how much things have changed.

    I've been checking out some high ranking shamans and talking to some on my realm and it seems that stacking spirit is the way to go.


    Now, my question. What is the ideal amount of spirit I should be looking at?


    As you can tell my gear is pretty bad, but I have around 4k spirit.

    I'm also currently reforging mastery > Spirit or Crit if I can't go spirit.

    The stat priority I have been following is (Intellect > PvP Power > PvP Resilience > Spirit > Crit > Haste > Mastery)
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    You should stack spirit until you feel comfortable with the rate that your mana regens. from what i know and i could be wrong but i dont think that there is any set amount of spirit that you should have, i think its all about how comfortable you are with your mana regen in and out of combat.

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