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    Will my guild exist when i come back from break?

    I have a guild where i am the GM. (i use it to store a lot of items) and my alts are in guild as well.

    I want to take a break from wow ( a few months ) but i heard if you are inactive GM gets removed or demoted or whatever, but since i am the only person in the guild, what will happen? I have too many valuable items in the gbank. Will my guild still exist after lets say 6months of inactivity?


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    You can get demoted from your GM spot by other members after a time of being inactive afaik. But you wont be demoted automatically

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    if your the only person in the guild, then you have no worries, it will be there when you get back.
    Make sure you kick out every character that is not on your account. so no one can claim it after 90 days.
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    It will exist perfectly fine.
    The dethrone GM system is only if there is more people in the guild. After 3 months (I believe), they can remove you as GM and take over. Nothing will happen if you are the only person in it.
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    If you are the only person in the guild, then no, nobody can demote you.

    If you are NOT the only person in the guild, then yes.

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    awesome. just wanted to make sure. thanks everyone

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