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    [H] <Competence Optional> New guild forming

    <Competence Optional>


    We are a new startup 10 man raiding guild looking to recruit players to start raiding in roughly early December. The core of the guild (currently 7 members) is a group of friends who have previously raided together in hardcore, top-end guilds.

    Guild Aims
    - Recruit exclusively great players
    - Clear all current content quickly once roster is established
    - Farm BiS gear for mains & alts
    - Achieve a <250 world rank in Tier 15

    Current Roster
    Protection Warrior
    Blood DK

    Fire Mage
    Ret Paladin
    Shadow Priest
    Shadow Priest

    As you can see, we are in need of healers at the moment. If you are a healer, please find my contact details at the bottom of this post.

    We are going to keep up a high level of competitiveness throughout the rest of this expansion.

    We will raid 4 nights a week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, with invites starting at 19:50 server time. Raids will begin at 20:00 server and finishing at 00:00 server time. During progress we will potentially end up running optional raids on the extra days, as well as extending the usual raids, provided that every raider is willing to stay later. We aim to keep raid days and times very flexible for our raiders, if people want to raid a different day or time and everyone agrees we will raid that day. This way everyone is happy and can raid without messing up a real life schedule.

    We will run a loot council system and will not tolerate bad play styles, drama queens, or crying about loot. Loot is a tool used for progress, it is not a reward.

    Outside of main raids we intend to run alt raids, mainly with the intention of gearing up alts to be prepared for rerolling in Tier 15 or sooner. Having a level 90 alt is a big bonus for joining this guild.

    We are currently recruiting:

    Resto Shaman
    Holy Paladin
    ALL Tank classes
    Combat Rogue
    Restoration Druid

    All exceptional players are encouraged to contact me, regardless of openings, class, or role. We are always willing to work with excellent players.

    As we are a new forming guild, there is no website available for applications to be written to. Instead, I will be conducting an interview either in whispers or over Skype. If you are interested at all in this guild, please contact me on my BattleTag Sayinos#2637, or my Skype; Shinnentai

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!

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