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    Need help gearing my Barb.

    Hey guys i recently just came back to the game, i have roughly 50mill to spend on my barb. But the only problem is that i don't know how to gear him up effectively!

    As well with the spec, not sure how things are going these days with specs.

    I was curious if anyone could help me out or show me where to look so that i could gear up my barb aswell as knowing a fun spec to play, i was thinking a 2 hander spec if that was viable.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Anyone able to help me out with this?

    Just don't want to waste my gold when im purchasing gear.

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    Well, the most efficient farming is MP0-MP2 Act 3, with a WW build.

    Myself, I only have a small amount of gold so I just went for IK set, gearing for lots of crit and crit damage. Weapons should have critdmg+socket for critdmg gem, as well as LoH or lifesteal (either works). IK belt is also pretty good for guaranteed lifesteal, and good barb stats as well. You don't *need* to go for IK 5-piece bonus, but it's nice. I've only got 3 piece and I blow through Act 3 MP1 farming route like it's nothing.

    tl;dr: IK set is nice, gear for crit/critdmg/lifesteal or LoH/strength, with at least 500 AR.
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