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    Quote Originally Posted by Vixene View Post

    That is your main? Well the protection warrior in my guild, who is DPS offspec, having 0 dps loot from raids, has higher ilvl than you do by doing dailies. LFR is fine, if your not raiding. Looking at your character you only do looking for raid. So it doesn't really help, the case?

    This thread seems a little odd... and without sounding offensive the OP seems to be expecting some form of recognition for this thread, when it doesn't say anything most people didn't already know.

    The only thing that is valid in this post for gearing up without doing dailies is the conquest gear.
    Yeah, it's my main. I don't play every day all day. I play a few hours a day at most most of the time. The last three weeks I've barely played at all except for LFR. And I don't enchant heroic blues I am going to replace through LFR.

    If I was raiding with my guild that would be a different story, but I expect anyone with some basic problem solving skills to realize why I am not optimally geared and enchanted at this point. It has nothing to do with the fact dailies are still an option for people and you aren't forced to do them unless you're a victim of your own ignorance.

    The point is, you aren't forced to do dailies to do heroics or LFR. Dailies are an option for something to do. Many people insist in portraying them as if they are equivalent to the gating of TBC, and they aren't. They are purely an option for people who want something else to do or for those who want an option for getting geared faster by going above and beyond the usual amount of effort that is intended.

    If your guild is making you do dailies to raid with them, they need their priorities reexamined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadite View Post
    For raiding then i agree but if you want crafting recipes and mounts then they are compulsory.
    You have always had to a lot of hoop jumping for recipes, often grinding reputation for weeks.

    Complaining about vanity rewards like mounts is just absurd. You're essentially asking Blizzard not to put any rewards you might want behind content you don't like to do, as if the people who do things you don't enjoy shouldn't be getting anything you might personally want.

    This sense of entitlement is bizarre to me. I'm not going to be surprised to see people complain that they have to kill a boss soon just to get loot from a dungeon at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shmeh View Post
    Before HoF and Terrace released some PvP gear was better than non-heroic MSV gear for some classes, it was also better than many of the slots that had no MSV loot to fill them. For example, PvP bracers (and boots for a mage not lucky enough to have the Galleon boots) were vastly superior to any alternatives in MSV.

    I have no problem explaining to anyone why they're a fucking idiot to anyone that thinks having a piece or two of PvP gear in a raid makes you suck.

    6 unenchanted items
    2 empty sockets in 2 items
    1 non-Plate item
    Missing Living Steel Belt Buckle

    Halfway geared is pretty generous. You're definitely halfway something though.
    Are you people incapable of abstract thought? You think I wear that RP item in game while raiding?
    How do you just ignore the basic gist of an argument just to pick apart the arguer?

    You are not gated by dailies to do heroics or LFR. I am waiting until I feel like logging into the game to gem my latest upgrades and enchant my gear. But please, ignore the argument more and attack any inane details you can if you're so desperate. And I'm not going to waste enchanting on heroic blues I am about to replace in LFR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GnomercyBeastmaster View Post
    So it looks as though the OP from the copied link discusses this ring. I'm not sure if it is possible to hit exalted with Klaxxi without dailies or not, so I won't speak to that. But this is the ring he was mentioning.
    You should be able to be exalted with Klaxxi by turning in a lot of Dread Amber Shards. You should then be able to do the questline that unlocks the epic ring reward. I would think that its a lot more tedious to grind out hundreds of low drop rate rep items than just doing some dailies though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post

    This sense of entitlement is bizarre to me. I'm not going to be surprised to see people complain that they have to kill a boss soon just to get loot from a dungeon at this point.
    I simply said that if you want those items then doing daily quest are compulsory. That is a statement of fact. Not sure why i got such an inane reply like that. I guess any excuse to throw out the buzz word entitlement.

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    I have serious issues with people who log on and expect to have everything handed to them, just by logging on. The dailies are optional in every way, unless you want every advantage you can get, which at the start of the game involves buying BOEs from the AH, powerleveling professions, spamming dailies for reputation AND doing arenas/RBGs for PVP gear.

    Don't you worry, you will have all the welfare epics you can swallow in a few expansions. Until then, play farmville.

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    i greatly enjoyed this list

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    you should add scenarios to the list, there are 463 items in the bag you get for doing randoms. they roll with random stats but can potentially be better than the stuff you get in actual heroics and they are very easy and queue-less. only slot that's really bad from scenarios is the headpiece because it does not have a meta socket.

    not sure what you want this list for, but to each his own I guess.

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    Raid finder is a godsend.

    My rogue just hit 90 on november 9 and now he's item level 473 and does like 66k on garajal. In one more week of pugging LFR/normal MGV he's gonna be in top condition to join any mid level guild.

    Also free 483 item per week just by winning 10 arena games.

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    Alrighty... For everyone voting no. you need to start thinking again.

    And here is why..... With the time moving on in the game, the need for the dailies decreases essentially even more.

    Okay, granted. Reputation from dailies is needed to unlock the valor gear from the vendors.
    But here is the difference. It is not needed to grind through the dailies day after day after day on end. One can conveniently do them on a very relaxed basis, and eventually break into the reputation range to have the vendors fully unlocked.
    They unlock in parts anyway. You get stuff at honored already. And a bit more at Revered.
    As the time moves on, so does the item level of the gear. LFR drops competitive gear for normal raiding. For skilled players that gear is also sufficient for Heroic raiding.
    If you raid and do dungeons, the valor points pouring in are easily enough to cap the 1000.
    Of course it is a chore to get the valor vendor rep grinded out within a month or less. But it is not a chore when you do it over 2, 3 or more month.
    And if you really don't want to do dailies.. hell run BGs. Even random BGs give you raid capable gear for every slot.
    But you got valor points...... DUH.... Change em into Conquest Points....

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    I don't think people whine about having to do some dailies. They complain about having to do a lot of them. Personally I see no reason to do more than 45 two-coin dailies per week, in order to get the Elder Charms. The valor rewards unlocked with reputation are a negligible boost, meaningful only to the very top hardcore raiders.

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    It's actually pretty easy to get honored with Klaxxi without doing single daily quest. But not for Golden Lotus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zubacz View Post
    IThe valor rewards unlocked with reputation are a negligible boost, meaningful only to the very top hardcore raiders.
    The very top of those raiders is good enough to master the content without the valor gear. And they are too tight up in realm/region and world first battles to have the time to wait until they unlocked reputation a few weeks down the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazarusLong View Post
    It's actually pretty easy to get honored with Klaxxi without doing single daily quest. But not for Golden Lotus.
    I was close to golden lotus honored after I quested through all zones. But I did really every single quest in every zone.

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    It does not make any sense, because people need to do an effort

    people will cry for everything

    cry because they have to do dungeons
    cry because they have to do PvP and their class is broken
    cry because someone stole their rare spawn
    cry because they have to farm for a profession

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    It generaly works for me like this way:
    Hit 90--- get full crafted 450 lvl pvp gear + JC rings and necks + enginering trinket---)enter heroics and farm them till you get high enogh item lvl for a raids--) got too much valors and no lucks---) do dailys to get the rep up and buy the stuff you want.

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    I've casually geared my alt over the last couple weeks. I'm at 472 ilvl without any gear that you'd need to do dailies for and with no normal raid gear (of course, I have a few LFR drops). It does cost some gold if you want to buy the crafted gear and relics, but I made some of that with a couple other characters by saving my silks and scribe scrolls for a few days.

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    Sticky! NOW!!
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