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    Laptop Help

    Howdy folks. I'm not a very tech savvy guy, but am in dire need of a new laptop that can run WoW and some other moderately new games without having to have all the graphics on the lowest setting. I'm hoping to spend ~$600-700, I don't need anything insane, really just something to have fun on and when I'm not playing games do school work. Weight/size aren't a terribly big issue for me, so anything with 14"+ screen would be great. I figured since its about to be Black Friday I'd go ahead and get this taken care of. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks guys!

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    speculating about black friday deals is always bad, but as it stands, 600-700 is not really gonna get you much in terms of playing wow, maybe slightly higher than full low,
    you may be able to pick up an older Asus G series 15" (G53) on B-friday for that, but thats pushing it, it would have to be from a small retailer or some microcenter or frys that found one on a back shelf

    otherwise you really need to double your budget, is this something that is going to sit in your room all day, or are you going to drag it around with you everywhere

    at a minimum, you need something with at least a second gen Core I series processor, (2000 series) and a discrete graphics card, if its nvidia, you want a GTX card not a GT

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